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Ok, since I am the founder and ruler of this wiki (I am 2nd place beside Lunifer C: YAY!!!!)

I will start a new topic called Requests.

And sooo.... Here on this page you can request me for user page music and I'll put them on...

But WAIT! there is more! Before you request me for the music.

You have to do what this video tells you.


Or follow these steps.

1: Copy the Video URL and paste it into the box on here Click me!!!

2: Click download and then waaaait...

3: Go to the video for the next step. (------------------------------------>

4: Click browse on this website CLICCCCCK MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

5: Go to the Video for the next step AGAIN.

6: And soooo... ya... then send me the link below of the thing and ya....
How to put music on your user page BY SPECKLES-0

How to put music on your user page BY SPECKLES-0

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Um.... I don't get it.

Sorry, I forgot to put the video in.


Ehhh... One question. Is it okay to put on offensive songs? (Turn down for what, Wiggle, etc?)

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